Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing Service Colorado Springs

The worst part of plumbing emergencies is, its an emergency! There is not enough preparation possible, when you have a backed up toilet, a flooded washing machine, or a broken hot water faucet in your bathroom sink. When water is gushing into your home, you need a plumber who is not only qualified, but also dependable and has years of experience to back them up—and you need them right away, not two days from now. We Are There For All Of Your Emergency Plumbing Services Colorado Springs

emergency plumbers colorado springs

The first thing you should do when facing an emergency of this kind is shutting off the main water valve. The next thing to do—rather than trying to repair it on your own—is to call us. Green Plumbing completely understands that emergencies never happen during a “convenient” time.

That’s why we always have one of our highly-trained expert plumbing technicians on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The faster we learn about your plumbing emergency, the faster we can get to your home and the more damage we can prevent. Make us your first point of contact no matter what your plumbing crisis is.


Sometimes, you can actually reduce the risk of a plumbing emergency from happening. We’ve highlighted a few ways to do this below.

  • Frozen Pipes: When you think of the climate in Colorado Springs, Colorado you likely equate it to artic weather. Be sure to shut off your outside water systems and disconnect your hoses during the winter.
  • Water Heaters: There are times when water heaters die without any warning. However, if you’ve noticed your showers are growing increasing colder, you might have an impending water heater emergency on your hands.
  • Backed Up Toilets: Most of the time if a home has multiple toilets and only one is backed up, it’s likely that something was put down it that wasn’t meant to. However if you cannot dislodge whatever the clog is with a plunger, then it’s time to call in the pros to make sure this isn’t an issue that will lead to a huge emergency. If all of your lines are clogged the problem is in your sewer line and needs immediate attention.


Our staff understands that there are some plumbing problems—that while they may not be classified as an “emergency”—are just too inconvenient to wait on, no matter what time of the day or night it is. When a washing machine stops working, your dishwasher starts malfunctioning, or you have a constantly dripping hot water faucet that is training your water heater on a daily basis, it disrupts your family’s life.

We want you to rest and know any time you are met with a plumbing situation that trouble or worry you, we think it deserves a call, so you can get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Our trained staff is ready to handle whatever your plumbing needs are, no matter when they are. Call Green Plumbing First In Colorado Springs, Colorado 719-477-3217

Emergency Plumbing Service Colorado Springs