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The Top 3 Things Your Plumber Must Have

There are few parts of your home that are more important than the pipes inside of it. In order for that plumbing to be well looked after, you need a plumber that truly knows their job, and cares for every home they enter. How can you find a good plumber? We suggest picking one that has a safe payment strategy, teaches you about the service, and has 24/7 emergency support.

1: A Trustworthy Payment Strategy

If you want to find a good plumber, you need to find out if they accept credit cards. Never do business with a plumber, or any company charging a large sum, that only accepts cash or checks. If they require a down payment on their services, they can easily make off with the cash without providing quality work. Also, you can rest assured that if you make those large purchases on a credit card, you have consumer protections in place if the contractor fails to deliver. This ensures a burst pipe doesn’t reek havoc on your wallet twice by paying a 2ndplumber after the first one absconded with the funds.

Whenever you’re pulling out the checkbook for a service that you know little about, you tend to feel uneasy. When you find a plumber that accepts your loyal card brand, a huge relief is taken off your shoulders!

2: Talks to You- Not at You

A quality plumbing company wants to educate its customers on the basics of plumbing to avoid the problems next time, if possible. It’s not fun or cost effective to call your plumber just to reset your garbage disposal or clear a toilet pipe blocked with paper towels which could have been easily avoided by only using toilet paper. Green Plumbing has a FAQ page that could save you multiple charges and fees. We do this because our time in business spans over a decade. We truly care about your plumbing education, and hope you only ever need to call us once!

3: 24/7 Support

Have a midnight emergency? Call 719-477-3217 for 24/7 help from our experienced staff. Some situations can’t wait till the morning; we’re here for those ones too. Call that same number during business hours for a free consultationto learn about our competitive pricing and honest work!



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