How to Eliminate a Possible Sewer Smell

Have you noticed a bad smell or sewer odor coming from a drain or a toilet? It may be the water in the P-trap has evaporated. It’s called a P-trap, because it is shaped like the letter “P.”  You will find one under most every drain.  Toilets have a built in P-trap underneath the bowl.  When filled with water, the P-Trap blocks those nasty odors from coming through the drain into your home or business.  Sometimes, the water in the P-Trap evaporates, especially when the drain is rarely used, for instance in a guest bathroom. So, if you smell sewer coming from a drain, try running or pouring some water down that drain, a gallon or two of water should do the trick. This allows the P-Trap to fill with water and to “trap” the foul stench.  Problem solved!

Plumbing Vanity P-trap
P-trap Under Sink