Plumbing FAQ’S


*Do all plumbers charge the same price?

Shop rates and service charges are different for each company. There are no set rate standards for the plumbing business. Green Plumbing has a standard shop rate for labor and then each job is set up according to the time involved and the scope of the job. We offer the best price for the best service.

*Why isn’t my water heater working?

Aside from any leaks, an electric water heater could have a heating element that has burned out or it may be an electrical issue (check the breaker box). A gas water heater could have a regulator issue or a pilot issue, or in some cases a venting issue. A licensed professional should probably look at it. If the pilot light went out you should find instructions on how to re-light in the manuel or the unit itself. If you don’t have either of these go here for instructions on lighting a pilot light.

*How do I shut off the water to my whole house?

Look for the water heater and furnace mechanical room or possibly the crawl space. Normally there will be a copper pipe coming out of the ground. On this pipe should be a shutoff valve before the water meter and a secondary shutoff valve after the meter. This should be your whole house shutoff. If you can not find it, you may have a different set up and may need to call a professional to help locate the valve. It is a good idea know where the valve is and to make sure it is in good operating condition in case of an emergency.